The Conscious Comfort Collaboration

In September I was contacted by the lovely Veronica, who is starting a new business for consciously sourced sustainable home goods. She reached out because she was looking for unique organic textiles, entirely sourced from within the US. I instantly fell in love with her idea and her mission and we set about trying to design fabrics for her to use. 

We researched several yarn options and eventually settled on some gorgeous cotton grown and spun in Texas. One of the things she expressed to me frequently over our search was her love of texture, and I was so excited to find an organic cotton boucle yarn. I had so much fun coming up with different constructions using the fibers we found in different ways, and sent her loom photos all along the way.

gridded fabric on a loom  A close up of fabric being woven with shuttle

These mini samples show my five favorite constructions and fiber combinations we played with. 

five organic cotton fabric samples featuring texture

Veronica picked her two favorites (as well as the simplest plain weave construction) and I sent her a full yard of each to get a good feel for their texture and drape. I was simply stunned by her gorgeous photography.

three fabrics shown overlapping  three organic cotton fabrics draped over an arm to show their light and texture  

Veronica has been experimenting with what she could make out of each of these samples, and I just couldn't believe the beauty she's captured with these pillows and kitchen towels, and even a test run at place mats! I can't wait to see where this collaboration could go next.

Multiple organic cotton pillows on a bed.  close up of organic cotton pillows  Organic cotton pillows with plants in the background.  Three kitchen towels hung on hooks.  

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