• My first solo adventure in indigo dyeing

    Right, so to be perfectly transparent, this blog post has been sitting in draft form since halfway through 2021, when I did the actual dyeing in Fe...
  • Handwoven Wedding - Part 1

    Kelly Walsh's handwoven, hand dyed, and hand sewed wedding dress as seen in Handwoven Magazine by Long Thread Media.... She is currently looking for partners to create more unique garments. Contact the artist! ...... So I got married earlier this year! I mentioned it a few times in newsletters and social media, but honestly it didn't get talked about much -- probably because I was too busy making it happen to really talk about it, haha!
  • Threads That Bind - Gallery Show at Liberty Arts

    This is the virtual walkthrough of my solo show at the Liberty Arts collective where I share studio space. The show ran from May 6 - June 6 and inc...
  • 100 Days of Thrums

    This year I decided to participate in #the100dayproject. If you haven't seen it before, its a simple free global art project that anyone can partic...
  • Natural Dyeing with Pokeberry

    At the end of last year I had the wonderful opportunity to dye yarn with some poke weed berries a friend had saved from the previous summer. Pokebe...
  • Handwoven Wiksten Haori

    Ever wondered about sewing the Wiksten Haori pattern from handwoven fabric to create the perfect house coat? Get tips on how I altered the pattern to fit my needs, and some tricks for sewing with handwoven fabric.
  • The Conscious Comfort Collaboration

    The best things take time.  In Fall of 2020 I was contacted by the lovely Veronica, who is starting a new business for consciously sourced sustaina...
  • Pamut Apparel Collaboration

    Partnering with Kat of Pamut Apparel to design handwoven fabric for her Fall 2020 clothing line was one of my most inspirational and satisfying projects of the year.