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This series of scarves began in 2020. I was mid-lock down, and had just finished weaving a series of scarves that used hand-dyed mulberry silk. There is always some yarn left over in a project, especially where the warp was tied into the loom - these leftovers are called "thrums." I was holding over a hundred pieces of beautifully dyed silk, each only about 15 inches long. I'd spent so much time dyeing this yarn, and staring at it's beautiful color, I couldn't bear to throw the thrums away. I didn't have a specific project planned next, so I just started playing with these short scraps, and the very first "squiggle scarf" was created. I loved the effect so much, I've held onto every piece of hand dyed silk since then. Each scarf is this series is a unique expression of movement and color. Hand dyed mulberry silk strands are inlaid in a silk-alpaca ground cloth. Each scarf is completely unique and lets the color of the inlay guide the movement of the pattern, woven almost as a meditation. The combination of alpaca and silk creates a scarf that feels light and soft as a cloud, as well as incredibly warm and comfortable.
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