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As a steering committee member of my local fibershed, I am always looking for yarn that speaks to me as being grounded in sustainable fiber practices. Grounded is such a perfect word here because the foundation of this work is respect for our Earth. These pieces are intentionally and thoughtfully created to showcase what our planet can give to us if we listen. They are the slowest pieces I create because each step is devoted to finding the most earth-centric way to achieve my vision, inspired by love of nature.

The fiber is all organic and/or locally grown or harvested. In my region, cotton has historically been the fiber of choice and there is still a lot of land devoted to growing it. Hemp is becoming a new choice that is kinder to the land and requires less water. Alpaca farmers are also very present in North Carolina, and alpaca has become one of my favorite fibers for its warmth and softness.

The colorin these pieces comes solely from the earth as well. That might mean that I intentionally select fiber to exhibit its natural color, highlighting the individual animal's color, or the grown color of the fiber. It also might mean that I use plant materials to dye the fiber. Some pieces use indigo I grew in my own garden, or plant material harvested from the road side, or kitchen waste donated by friends and restaurants. 

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