Collection: Summer Scarves and Light Cowls

These glorious infinity scarves and cowls were made with hot southern summers in mind. Each one is woven with summer friendly fibers: cotton, hemp or silk noil. Silk noil is a delightful yarn that uses the shorter silk fibers many spinners often throw away. This gives the yarn a wonderful cotton-like texture, while also respecting the planet and silk spinners who gave their time to harvest this fiber. As well as being eco-friendly, silk noil retains the other properties of silk and it wonderful at being a thermal barrier, keeping you cool and shaded in hot summer days. Some pieces are also woven with a local hemp yarn, a fiber that's friendly to our planet and gaining new appreciation. The open weave keeps air moving across your skin, while the light fiber keeps you cool and shaded. Use these pieces as a cover up at the beach, or to keep the sun off the back of your neck at a picnic or on a walk. 

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